Wacko Words

The looney word connecting game with extra fun!

Help Wyatt the weasel on his explosive word search adventure! Fuse dynamite letters together to form words and detonate them. The more words you find, the more adventures you can have with Wyatt at the mini-game carnival! Extra words give Wyatt raw ore he can smelt into valuable rewards.

How To Play


Mini Games

Panic Dive - Help Wyatt skydive by collecting coins and gems and avoiding peppers and lightning.
Mount Wyatt - Tap to carve Wyatt's face into a mountain while collecting rewards.
Tower Plunge - Throw Wyatt off the side of a building and use bombs along the way to redirect him towards rewards.
Castle Chase - Stop the monsters chasing Wyatt as he hunts treasure in an abandoned mansion.
Gem Detective - Earn coins by blowing up tiles in this reverse minesweeper challenge.

Warning: you may experience nostalgia while playing Wacko Words. Download this cartoon-inspired word building game today!