Election Year Knockout Feature Image: The player character faces off against Donald Thump with the rest of the game's cast in the near background.

Fact Sheet

ExceptioNULL Games
Based in Spokane, Washington

Release Date
February 14th, 2020

iOS, Android


Main game: FREE (with ads)
Premium upgrade: $4.99


Election Year Knockout is a boxing game in the style of the Punch-Out!! series parodying American politics. Fight to become president in a ludicrous alternate reality where elections are decided exclusively through boxing! Witty and playfully-animated cartoon caricatures of famous politicians from both sides of the aisle are lined up to defend against your new third party. Defeat them all to take over the United States!

The characters quip and joke in reaction to how well the player is performing. As each region of the United States gets conquered, players add to their increasingly absurd party names. The campaign culminates in a final boss battle against President Donald Thump in the White House.

Election Year Knockout has two modes of play. Casual Mode allows players to experience the game’s jocular story with one-finger controls and easier fights, while Classic Mode recreates the frenetic challenge of the NES and Wii-era PunchOut games without any compromises to playability.

How this came to be

Election Year Knockout is produced by a small, ideologically diverse team with the shared goal of getting everyone to laugh about today's most serious topics. If a joke wasn't able to make all of us laugh, it didn't make it into the game.

The game is made in Cocos2d-x and animated with Spine for high-fidelity graphics at high framerates while only sipping battery power.


  • Hilarious, irreverent dialog and situations to encounter in an America obsessed with boxing.
  • Two modes of play: A casual one-finger difficulty mode (precisely which finger is up to you), and a Classic mode that recreates the strategic challenge of popular boxing titles of the past.
  • Nine opponents across eighteen challenging fights to conquer, four blue and five red. (Additional characters and fights available in the Store)
  • Ninety challenges to complete, testing your skills and teaching you secrets about the game as you go.
  • Customize your boxer's looks and clothing.


Election Year Knockout Gameplay Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

"While the initial pitch might inspire the odd eye roll, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Knockout looks to be a polished, suitably ridiculous arcade boxing game."
Pocket Gamer - Sep 16, 2019 - pocketgamer.com/articles/081089

"It’s a fairly simple looking boxing game, but the animation looks great and there’s no denying that it’ll be particularly satisfying to punch a lot of those presidential candidates in the face!"
Alpha Beta Gamer - Aug 10, 2019 - alphabetagamer.com/election-year-knockout-beta-sign-up-ios-android

"It's well-presented, the touchscreen controls are intuitive, and there appears to be a surprising amount of quality content to enjoy."
Pocket Gamer - Feb 6, 2020 - pocketgamer.com/articles/082114

Download and Installation

iPhone / iPad

Download from the App Store


Download from Google Play


Touch Screen

  • Throw jab or hooks: Tap any quadrant of the screen.
  • Dodge left or right: Swipe left or right quickly anywhere on the screen.
  • Throw haymaker: Swipe up quickly anywhere on the screen. Requires full power meter.
  • Block: Hold both thumbs down on the screen at once.

For streamers and press, the game includes experimental controller support. For more information, reach out to us.

Tips for Getting Started

Election Year Knockout is a puzzlebox fighter where you manage your resources to destroy opponents in their moments of weakness. Experiment with each opponent to find out what makes him tick!

Fill your power meter every chance you get. A full power meter allows you to throw your haymaker. Punching your opponent fills the power meter, even if he blocks. You can also boost your power meter by performing perfectly-timed blocks.

Watch your stamina meter as you play, or you'll get winded. While winded, you can only block. However, a successful block refills your stamina and gets you back into the action, as does standing still for a couple of seconds. Landing a haymaker refills your stamina entirely and instantly.

If your opponent is blocking you, try dodging! Many opponents are defenseless when you catch them off guard.

Opponents also flash red when they are vulnerable, leading you to opportunities for a counter punch. Even better things happen if you counter opponents when they flash yellow.

If you're having trouble with the later opponents, try completing some of the earlier challenges. They can teach you alternate playstyles, advanced techniques, and even a few secrets.

About ExceptioNULL Games

ExceptioNULL Games is creating the future of mobile gaming. We go our own way and blaze a trail for others to follow. Our emphasis on player experience and community supercedes all else. Some of our members have been making mobile games since 2011, practically the dawn of time for this industry.

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