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Instruction Manual

Welcome to Wordcation! Whether you've played before or need some advice on a fresh start, this guide will help you hit the ground running on your crossword adventure across the nation.

Getting Started

The goal of Wordcation is to find all of the possible words from a handful of letters to complete a crossword puzzle.

Cozy up with a blanket and let each little challenge work its magic on your brain. Enjoy the peaceful music and vistas as you complete levels and travel between cities. Let your kids play along with you on your phone, or invite your mom or sister along for the ride from their own devices.

The Letter Wheel
Slide your finger between letter tiles on the Letter Wheel to form words. Once you've drawn a line between the letters in order, lift your finger. If the letters you connected form a valid word, it will be added to the crossword in the Puzzle Area.

The Puzzle Area
There is a crossword above the letter wheel, ready to be solved. Fill it in by finding words in the Letter Wheel. Once all the words are filled in, the level is complete.

Tips and Tricks

Extra Words
Sometimes, you can make words that aren't part of the puzzle. When you do this, the game will put them in your Extra Words case. Once you find enough extra words, open the Extra Words case to claim a reward!

Shuffle the Letters
Stuck on a level? Tap the Shuffle button to give yourself a fresh perspective. The Letter Wheel will rearrange itself. Sometimes, seeing the letters in a different order will spark your imagination!

Get a Hint
Don't hesitate to tap the Hint buttons if you're stuck. The beginning letters of one or more words will be revealed in the Puzzle Area above. This can jolt your brain into seeing a combination of letters that you may not have considered.

Bring Your Friend
Wordcation is more fun when played with another person! Two brains can solve puzzles better than just one. Read more about inviting friends to your game below.

Ask For Help
Out of hints? Friends went to bed? Tap "Ask For Help" from the pause menu to share a screenshot of your current progress anywhere you like. Maybe someone on Facebook will see something you missed.

Skip a Level
When all else fails, you can skip a level from the pause menu. We recommend everything else above first, and you can even talk directly with the game devs and our community using Discord, but the option is there if you need it.

Daily Challenges

Complete the Daily Challenge
Every day, a new Daily Challenge will activate in the background. Take a look at the challenge requirements and progress from the pause screen! Completing challenges will reward you handsomely.

Solve the Daily Puzzle
A very special puzzle unlocks every day. Find it on the title screen! Daily Puzzles are a bit more challenging than the main campaign, and lead to nice rewards.

Collect the Daily Reward
Open the app every 24 hours to select a random reward. If you left off the day before on a difficult puzzle, this reward may be enough to get you through it!

Playing the Mini Game

When you travel to a new city, you are given an opportunity to earn a lot of coins at once! Simply tap as many correctly-spelled words within the time limit. If you choose poorly, it will take a second before you can move on to the next set of words.

Play With a Friend

Wordcation is more fun with a friend! Together, the two of you will work on the same puzzles at the same time.

Inviting Your Friends
From the Title Screen, tap "Play With Friends" and tap "Invite." You will be given a link to share with your friend. When you friend follows the link, the two of you will pair up. If your friend does not have Wordcation installed, he or she will be prompted to download it for free.

Joining Friends Again
When you pair with a friend, that friend is saved in your list of recent friends. From the Title Screen, tap "Play With Friends" and select a saved friend. If your friend is online and ready to play, you will pair up.

Things You Can Do When Paired
• Find Words. You will each see one another's words as they're being formed. Maybe you will get an idea from seeing your friend's attempts!
• Send Emotes. Tap your avatar to select from various emotes. Did your friend figure out that word you've been stuck on forever? Send your congratulations!
• Continue Each Other's Campaigns. Your paired progress counts! Travel to any unlocked city to tackle puzzles together that were too difficult alone. Alternately, work as a team to broaden your expanse.

Common Fixes and Considerations
• Permissions. If you can't invite or connect with friends, make sure all of the game's required permissions are granted in your phone's settings app.
• Internet Connection. Ensure that you are indeed connected to the internet, and that your connection is strong.

The Map Screen

If you tap "Level Select" from the pause menu, you can return to the start of any city you've visited. Don't worry, your forward progress is preserved. Revisiting a previous area can be a great way to introduce your kids or friends to the game, or to practice your skills on easier levels before tackling the more difficult ones ahead.

Your Account and Style

As you travel around the nation, you earn points toward your own personal style! Go to your profile page from the title screen to see what's available.

Custom Letters
Change the look of your letters! When you play with a friend, you will see each other's letter choices filling up the crossword. Choose any unlocked letter option to equip it.

Unpack More Letters
Once you have enough points earned for a new letter style, you may choose from three options.

The Shop

Access the Shop from anywhere by tapping your coin counter.

In addition to being earned through gameplay, coins can be purchased. They can be spent on hints when you're stuck.

Ad Free
Purchasing the Ad Free upgrade disables all ads in the game.

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